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Wide range, including recognized brands

We have a wide range of waste collectors and waste bags, mailboxes, sanitary ware, cloakroom and storage systems. From unbranded to a large number of well-known brands. We can also offer a wide range of Procter & Gamble products.

Waste collectors

From 3 liter pedal bins to 110 liter waste systems for in and around the house, with shapes such as round, square, rectangular and with pedal, touch, kick, push and sensor systems. Whether or not provided with all kinds of distinctive functions such as fingerprint proof coatings, slow-motion closing lid, waste bag holder elements and stay-open functions, the waste collectors offer the consumer all the conveniences for contemporary and daily use. The products are made of various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, plastic and are available in various colors and designs such as mat, gloss and sand coated. In short, the choice and variation is enormous. Many famous brands can be found with us, such as Wesco, EKO, Simplehuman, Hailo, Curver and various less well-known and also own brands. For the waste collectors of most brands, we have the corresponding perfectly fit waste bags. In addition, we offer an extensive range of customized waste bags. From 3 liter pedal bin bags to strong construction waste bags and of course the well-known KOMO waste bags.


We have various models of letterboxes; from simple, inexpensive to classic, very luxurious design models that are a jewel for your home. From hanging to standing models, for letter and / or package, in various formats and a wide variety of materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic.

Wardrobe systems

We have various affordable products, from a simple clothes rack to the most extensive wardrobe systems. Elegant solitary coat racks to hanging systems for on the wall. But also beautiful clothing racks, dressboys, umbrella standards etc. are not missing in the assortment. Everything for any budget.

Sanitary ware

We offer a very nice range of sanitary products. From small-sized pedal buckets in trendy colors and varied designs to beautiful storage furniture for the bathroom. We also have various products in our range in the area of washing and drying, such as laundry baskets and drying racks.

Plastic products

Contemporary plastic products are no longer inferior to other materials. We have a wide collection of high-quality plastic products from well-known brands such as Curver and Hovac. Whether you are looking for plastic waste collectors or storage systems, you have come to the right place at Vepa Bins.

Strong brands

Vepa Bins takes care of the distribution of a large range of products for Procter & Gamble. P&G has many strong brands in various packaging units and volumes for both consumers and large consumers.

Lucrative shelf

Vepa Bins can put together a lucrative shelf with you, with strong brands and products with a high throughput speed. After all, most P&G products are consumables for which the customer regularly returns to you.


P&G brands such as Ariel, Dreft, Gillette and Oral-B also ensure that consumers do recognize the promotion, making these products extremely suitable for promotions.

Sales support

The developments are going fast. Consumers buy these products, whether or not in bulk, increasingly online. We can support you to also be successful online with these products.

Advice on assortment & shelf design

The experienced consultants of Vepa Bins can help you with a suitable assortment for your store formula . With our personal approach, we give specific advice to customers about products, trends, display and shelf design, but also advice on search terms and keywords for the findability of products in your webshop.

In short, targeted advice that can contribute to additional sales of items from your store or sales channel. The ultimate goal is a satisfied end user.

Support for e-commerce activities

Our products are extremely suitable to also be offered through web shops. To provide consumers with the correct information, clear product descriptions, photos and videos are essential. We can support you as much as possible and provide you with the correct product information. We apply international uniform standards and also have a full-service IT department that can implement customer-oriented links with your systems, so that the content supplied is always up-to-date. In addition to deliveries to your warehouse, direct delivery to your customers is also possible. We use recognized parcel services for this.

Fast (direct) deliveries from stock

Vepa Bins is a stock-keeping wholesaler. We have many of our products in stock in our own warehouse. In consultation with our customers, we try to maintain an optimal stock level in order to meet your customers' demands. For shelf items, internet assortment, but also for promotional items.

If desired, we can put together displays to present the products in your format in your stores.

To order

As a Vepa Bins customer you can send your orders in different ways; by phone, via e-mail, through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and customized couplings. Our customer-oriented office staff process your orders professionally and ensure that you receive your orders confirmed by email the same (working) day. We often use unique product codes, but if desired we can use your codes.


Your order will be delivered with the greatest possible care. We can make agreements to achieve rapid processing and delivery, if desired within 24 hours. In general we schedule the delivery at a desired moment at your central warehouse or store. Deliveries can be processed by Vepa Bins from large to small, from the delivery of a complete container to a package of a single product and from mixed pallets to everything in between. Cross dock deliveries are also possible. We take care of the deliveries with our own fleet or they take place through accredited carriers. For the package deliveries we use various package carriers such as DPD, DHL etc. . For various customers, including e-commerce companies, we also provide direct deliveries directly to the consumer. In short, the possibilities are endless.

Professional sales department and customer services

For advice you can go to both your representative and the sales office. Our sales office will always treat your order with the greatest possible care and determine the ideal delivery in consultation with you. It is the most important task of our customer service to resolve your (possible) complaints satisfactorily. We request to send your complaint to: verkoop@vepabins.nl. This is the fastest way to handle your complaint