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GroundsKeeper, Rubbermaid

All-weather solution to an unsightly environmental problem. Made from Polyethylene and with galvanized steel inner liner. Offers ash- and cigarette-butt concealment and odour control. High-capacity (500 butts). The powder coated steel base plate adds weight for stability and can be fitted to the floor. Optional Security Kit for the inner liner available (VB 000929). Also available: Weight ring for stability (VB 006284)

Model: VB 002570
Productcode: 0086876166873
Productnumber 76166873
Color: black

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Ballast ring for Cone 40mm

Ballast ring for Cone 40mm

Capacity in liters 0
Model VB 002570
Format (mm) B 311 D 311 H 1001
Diameter (mm) Ø 0
Color black